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The "Original" Softball Bat Reviews are back!!!
Our Bat Reviews will consist of professionally measured performance results to accurately determine the TRUE performance of a bat using Tournament balls.

We list the following for each bat : (Balance Points and Weights, BBS using CERTIFIED bat testers, Use a Wooden bat as a performance reference, utilize a HitTrax-Type of setting with LIVE pitching for Repeatability and provide honest feedback.

We test USSSA, ASA and Senior bats.

Our Members choose which bats we test so JOIN NOW and receive our BOMANI Sports Bat Reviews!!!

NOTE: We purchase each and every bat that we test from Authorized Dealers!!!  No DEMOS/Pre-Release bats are accepted!!

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Sofball Injury Risk Article!!!
 A performance and injury risk assessment study analyzing composite-based and wood-based softball bats.
Dr. Mark McDowell, Dr. Michael V. Ciocco and Dr. Richard Zeller
Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications:
 *Ciocco, M. and McDowell, M. (2008). �Evaluation of the Risk of Batted-Ball Injury for Slow-Pitch Softball Pitchers�. Proc. IMechE, Part P: J. Sports Engineering and Technology, 2008, 222(P1), 37-43.

* McDowell, M and Ciocco, M. (2006). "A Pitcher Injury Risk Assessment Study Analyzing Composite, Titanium, Aluminum and Wood Softball Bat Performance". European Journal of Sport Science. Vol. 6(3):155-162.

* McDowell, M. and Ciocco, M.  (2005). "A Controlled Study On Batted-Ball Speed And Available Pitcher Reaction Time For The Sport Of Slowpitch Softball". Br J Sports Med.  39(4):223-5.  [link]

*McDowell, M, Ciocco, M. and Morreale, B. (2005). "A Composite Softball Bat Revolution: Why the Pitcher has Little Time to React to a Batted-Ball". The Sport Journal Vol. 8(1) .  [Link]

* McDowell, M. (2004). "Assessment of Softball Bat Safety Performance Using Mid-Compression Polyurethane Softballs". Sports Biomechanics Vol. 3(2) 185-194.

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