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Why Should YOUR league become a member of the BSR Softball Association???

Welcome to the Official BSRSA Bat and Ball Ranking System
Over 200 bat models are RANKED : (recommended or not recommended) and CLASSIFIED : (composite multi-wall, titanium multi-wall, aluminum multi-wall or aluminum single-wall) for SAFETY on our site.  All current 2023 bats all the way back to 1997 have a safety ranking associated with them.  If a bat comes on the market during the year, it will be immediately ranked based on the BSRSA Safety Index.  We also have over 130 ball models RANKED : (recommended or not recommended) listing compression values that can be used to determine SAFE levels of play for your league...
BSR Softball Association (BSRSA)

This year, memberships are only $21 that covers the entire Calendar year of 2023 regardless of the month that you join/sign up.

All membership fees are paid by $CashApp (@bomanisports), PayPal (, check or money order to : BOMANI, Inc. (NOTE: NEW Name!!!) and mailed to the following address:

P.O. Box 81402
Cleveland, Ohio 44181

Please be sure to include your Full Name, Mailing Address, Telephone Number and most importantly, be sure your e-mail address is written clearly!!!

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