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Softball Association 

Goal:  To provide a recreational based softball association. The BSRSA provides information on safety, equipment, rules, and operation for league and tournament directors.

What the BSRSA is: The BSRSA is an association created for, and reflecting the needs of recreational softball. The BSRSA is NOT in direct competition with other, tournament based, softball associations. The current major softball associations are designed for competitive tournament play while the BSRSA is designed for recreational play. BSRSA provides guidance and information to assist league and tournament directors. 

What the BSRSA provides: The cost for any player, coach, player, league or tournament director to join the BSRSA is $21 for a given calendar year. This allows access to the BSRSA member's website. This site will include independent testing and safety ranking of softball bats and balls for your league to rely on for making decisions on which equipment is SAFE or UNSAFE for your level of league play. We also have Softball Related Articles, Research Updates and Information on league operations dedicated to the current safety issues involved in the sport of softball.
The following information for league operation will be available on the BSRSA Member's site:
   · BSR Safety Index listing Recommended and Not Recommended bats and balls independently tested and scientifically verified.
   · BSRSA Rules, a printable set of rules for softball.
   · Question and Answer section providing a forum to discuss member's topics of interest
   · Softball Related Articles
   · List of BSRSA leagues w/ contacts.
   · Playoff brackets, single and double elimination brackets
   · Scorebook page, a blank scorebook page that can be downloaded and printed
   · Stats program, a spreadsheet program for keeping stats.
   · Suggestions for league setup and operation.

Welcome to the Official BSRSA Bat and Ball Ranking System
Over 200 bat models are RANKED : (recommended or not recommended) and CLASSIFIED : (composite multi-wall, titanium multi-wall, aluminum multi-wall or aluminum single-wall) for SAFETY on our site.  All current 2024 bats all the way back to 1997 have a safety ranking associated with them.  If a bat comes on the market during the year, it will be immediately ranked based on the BSRSA Safety Index.  We also have over 130 ball modelsRANKED : (recommended or not recommended) listing compression values that can be used to determine SAFE levels of play for your league...

BSRSA President:  Dr. Michael V. Ciocco, Ph.D. (

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